Saturday, 28 June 2014

Good News and Bad News

As the title of the post says, the last month has brought some good news and bad news. So without any further adieu, bad news first.

Bad News:
No Outrider Studios booth at Gencon
Sadly, Outrider Studios will not have a booth at Gencon this year. We had everything all booked, but if you remember my rant about moving to Florida, well, that’s happening. And it’s happening too close to the Con for us to be ready for it. So, we have deferred until next year. If we are lucky, and I mean really lucky, we might get to attend as just attendees, but if you want Outrider games you will have to go to the IPR booth to get them.

If we go, and if you see us, please feel free to say hi. We always love to meet fans of the games. I hope we can make it, but no promises.

Good News:
Mad Science Art
Dimitris, our esteemed Warbirds artist, delivered some of the pieces for our Mad Science supplement, and they look fantastic:

This will be an NPC in the book. Note the little imp in the foreground.

Everything about this picture is awesome

Bad News:
More Delays
We still have more art on the way, but even once all of the pieces are in, construction of the book is going to have to wait until we arrive in Florida. We may miss our Gencon window on this one. That is great sadness.

Good News:
More Warbirds and Remnants Products Planned
Once we get established in Florida, I am getting back on the writing train. We have at least one product planned for each game for next summer. As per usual, it will be a terrible slog to get them made, but here's hoping that we have a bunch of new stuff ready to sell at Gencon 2015.

Random News:
Panama City is within striking distance of Atlanta. Maybe we should give Dragoncon a shot (as attendees only). It doesn't sound like a place where a little indie RPG company like ours can make a profit, but it does sound like a heck of a lot of fun.