Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Long Silence

Ok, I have been quiet for a little too long now. Sometimes work, life, and projects get the better of me and I go quiet for awhile. But, not to worry, we have been busy.


So Warbirds, where are we? Well, I am touching up the last of the layout and we are submitting the book for the printer on Monday (June 24th). We had some delays in art and editing, and a few last minute changes, but the book is looking pretty awesome. I would like to thank our artist, Dimitris, and our copy editor, Patrick, for turning in some excellent work.

Proofing the book with the printer will take a few weeks, but I expect to have copies to ship to backers in mid to late July. In the meantime, here's a little teaser art:

Warbirds Extras

We've also been working hard on all the little extras we promised. 

Dice – Done!

here's a few loose ones.

Here's all 200 dice from Chessex

GM Screens – Done!

100 screens all neatly stacked

Here they are from the front

Dogfight Tracker – Done!

Tokens –  Not quite done. 

They are printed, and should be done before the end of the month. We are just waiting on a custom die-cutter to cut out the 2000 circles we need.

WWII Aircraft PDF - In Progress 

We have written the few modifications needed for a gritty WWII game, and we have compiled the most “well-known” fighters of the era. We are now working on some bombers as well as conversion notes for naval ships.

Fighters on the list so far:
-Supermarine Spitfire
-Hawker Hurricane
-F6F Hellcat
-P-38 Lightning
-P-39 Airacobra
-P-40 Warhawk
-P-47 Thunderbolt
-P-51 Mustang
-Messerschmidtt BF-109
-Messerschmidtt ME-262
-Focke-Wulf Fw190
-Junkers Ju 88
-Mitsubishi A6M Zero

-B-17 Flying fortress
-Avro Lancaster
-Ju 87 Stuka
-Heinkel He 111
-Mitsubishi G4M Betty

If you think there is a plane vital to the list that I missed, leave a comment and let me know. There's still time to add it in.

You Must Be Mad! - Early Planning

The Mad Science book is still in planning stages. Writing on the first draft will begin after Warbirds is sent to the printers. We are planning on a fall release as we laid out in the Indiegogo campaign.

That's About It...

I could go on about my personal life, and I have a post I want to write about the new Superman movie, but I'll save that for another time. For now, back to InDesign and touching up some more Layout.