Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Starting Over

Well, I used to blog, sort of. I had a website, owned an IP address and even tried to put up content once in a while. It did not go well. But I am trying again. I need a place to write what I think. I need a place to throw ideas out into the ether, and have people shoot me down or lift me up as they see fit.

So let's start with who I am. My name is Steve. I live in Canada, and I like to make games. Probably not the games you're thinking about right now. I make games that require paper, dice, and the imagination of the participants. I make old school role-playing games, and I think they are awesome.

I plan to use this blog to talk about games, how I write them, what inspires me, and what pisses me off. There will be tangents! I have all sorts of other things in my head that need to get out, so games will not be my only topic.

I will try to be nice. I have a terrible mean streak in me that must be suppressed at all times, lest I piss off absolutely everyone I have ever met. When I am critical of stuff, I will be sure to back it up with evidence, as well as how I would fix any problem I point out.

The most important part of this blog is its lack of filter. When I write a game or article, it gets revised by me at least twice (usually more), and then is edited by a content editor and a copy editor. By then my raw jumbled thoughts are made coherent enough that people can read them and the words make sense. Here it will be my unedited thoughts. They will lack the clarity and smoothness of my edited works, but I kind of like it that way.

So, here's to a new attempt at putting my thoughts on the net.
Let's hope it goes better than last time.

Steve Bergeron
-The Armoured Writer

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