Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Blown Away!

Today (the 26th of March) is one week since we launched the crowdfunding campaign for Warbirds. In that time we have raised $1880, with 42 backers from a dozen different countries. The support has been mind-blowing and the feedback has all been positive.

In short, I am honoured. I never thought we would get here.

We are now entering the second week of the campaign, and donations are slowing down. This pretty common, as most campaigns slow down a bit in the middle. To keep interest high, however, we are going to keep releasing weekly videos throughout the campaign, and we are considering making regular videos until the game launches.

In other news, our prototypes for the GM screen, Dogfight Tracker,  and Tokens are nearly finalized, and we will be putting up picks this week. I'm also working on the custom dice. The plan right now is to go with a blue die with gold pips, and the silhouette of a fighter on the 6 face. The dice will be ready with the game, but will take a little more time to prototype, as we have to go through a third party for them.

I'm running another Warbirds playtest tonight, but we don't have too many of these left before we lock down the text. There have been a few nudges and changes here and there, but we are closing in on the book's final form, and then it goes for copy editing and proofing.

I also picked up a copy of Bioshock Infinite today. I might have to budget my play time to make sure I stay on top of this campaign.

There will be more videos, pictures and blogs in the near future.

Thanks for all of your help.

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  1. Thanks for bringing Warbirds to us, and good luck with the rest of your campaign!