Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Long Silence

Ok, I have been quiet for a little too long now. Sometimes work, life, and projects get the better of me and I go quiet for awhile. But, not to worry, we have been busy.


So Warbirds, where are we? Well, I am touching up the last of the layout and we are submitting the book for the printer on Monday (June 24th). We had some delays in art and editing, and a few last minute changes, but the book is looking pretty awesome. I would like to thank our artist, Dimitris, and our copy editor, Patrick, for turning in some excellent work.

Proofing the book with the printer will take a few weeks, but I expect to have copies to ship to backers in mid to late July. In the meantime, here's a little teaser art:

Warbirds Extras

We've also been working hard on all the little extras we promised. 

Dice – Done!

here's a few loose ones.

Here's all 200 dice from Chessex

GM Screens – Done!

100 screens all neatly stacked

Here they are from the front

Dogfight Tracker – Done!

Tokens –  Not quite done. 

They are printed, and should be done before the end of the month. We are just waiting on a custom die-cutter to cut out the 2000 circles we need.

WWII Aircraft PDF - In Progress 

We have written the few modifications needed for a gritty WWII game, and we have compiled the most “well-known” fighters of the era. We are now working on some bombers as well as conversion notes for naval ships.

Fighters on the list so far:
-Supermarine Spitfire
-Hawker Hurricane
-F6F Hellcat
-P-38 Lightning
-P-39 Airacobra
-P-40 Warhawk
-P-47 Thunderbolt
-P-51 Mustang
-Messerschmidtt BF-109
-Messerschmidtt ME-262
-Focke-Wulf Fw190
-Junkers Ju 88
-Mitsubishi A6M Zero

-B-17 Flying fortress
-Avro Lancaster
-Ju 87 Stuka
-Heinkel He 111
-Mitsubishi G4M Betty

If you think there is a plane vital to the list that I missed, leave a comment and let me know. There's still time to add it in.

You Must Be Mad! - Early Planning

The Mad Science book is still in planning stages. Writing on the first draft will begin after Warbirds is sent to the printers. We are planning on a fall release as we laid out in the Indiegogo campaign.

That's About It...

I could go on about my personal life, and I have a post I want to write about the new Superman movie, but I'll save that for another time. For now, back to InDesign and touching up some more Layout. 


  1. for the WWII planes, I think the F4F wildcat is a vital plane as well as the Japanese B5N Kate as these are key pacific carrier planes for the first half of WWII.

  2. I will add them both to the list.

  3. I agree about the Wildcat. An humble yet stalwart workhorse.
    And I'm surprised I don't see the Corsair, a real media star.
    These two I think deserve a place.

    Among the light bombers I miss the Mosquito, and as medium bomber, the B-25.

  4. I can put in the corsair, but performance-wise it was incredibly similar to the hellcat -- a little faster, about as agile and tough, same weapons, but an absolute hell to land on a carrier. Well, it's a PDF, so it's not like we're hurting for space.

    As for the bombers. I think the Mosquito and Mitchell can make an appearance.