Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Books Have Arrived! (And Other Stuff)

So, after much waiting, Warbirds has arrived in late July as promised! Photographic evidence follows, and there are some more notes below, so read to the end if you are curious:

The Fedex boxes in their natural state

Cracking open the first box to find the the Warbirds books inside.

We had 75 envelopes to fill with all the books and goodies.

It took me and Cait a few hours to pack everything up.

All 75 packages made up with our daughter's help.

Shipping Notes
It will be a few days before the books ship out, as I will probably have to take time off work to harass the Canada Post people for a few hours to get all these books shipped. Also, once you receive your package, please contact us if there is something missing, and we will send you a replacement via express post. 

Be careful opening your packages when they arrive; the ziploc bags holding the tokens for the Dogfight Tracker are right at the top of the envelope. Careless use of scissors might cause damage.

Electronic Products
The PDF version of Warbirds as well as the PDF for the WWII source book are done (we ended up with 25 aircraft in the source book). We will be rolling them out to backers next week, and will become available for purchase on DriveThruRPG on the 14th of August.

We are getting all of our materials together for Gencon and we couldn't be more excited. We will be selling Warbirds, Edge, and Remnants. We have already set aside books for backers who requested a Gencon pickup, and your books will be waiting for you at booth 1653. If you drop by the booth, we will be happy to give you a quick demo of any of the games, and I will be willing to run a 2 hour session by request if there is enough interest. 

Final Note
We are nowhere near done the summer rush yet, and there will be more posts soon.

"Very exciting times."


  1. Hi Steve,

    I never got a contacted about where to ship my book. My address has changed. Where should I send you my new address?


  2. I just got my copy of Warbirds. I'm blown away by how beautiful a book it is! You guys really went above and beyond.