Friday, 22 February 2013

Done, Done, and Never Done

So the print version of Remnants: The Broken Lands is on sale as of today.

Happy Dance = done.

I am done with Remnants for a bit... or am I? I still do Q & A's on's forums, I am setting up discounts for everyone who bought the PDF, and now wants the print book, and I am still stressing over sales, distribution, and format errors, among other things.

In addition to the above, our first short module for Remnants, which we contracted out to another author, just entered the editing stages, and needs to be content-approved by me before the editors tear it apart and rebuild it.

Now Broken Lands was already successful enough that I want to release Broken Lands II next year, and III the year after that. In the meantime, there's that other game I'm working on.

That Other Game

That other game is both similar and different to Remnants. It has familiar rules, but a new setting. It follows a similar structure to other Outrider games, but throws some new curve balls in terms of rules and themes.

The new game is not my sole creation either. It is a collaboration with my wife, who helped design some of the new (and very interesting) rules, built a lot of the setting and background, and is writing several very large swathes of the game text. I will admit that collaboration is difficult for me; I like things my way, but the magic of working with someone else, is the work you make together is better than anything either person could do alone.

Play-testing, though, has been rough. The game is good and the rules work, but every time we go to the table we find problems with how I have written things. If there is a way to make a rule vague or confusing, I've found it. If there is a way to write an instruction so that the player reaches an incorrect result, I've written it. With each session we iron out more problems, and the manuscript is nearing completion.

That "new game in August" promise is looking good. We've hired an artist, and even acquired our first few pieces of concept art. We're even looking into a crowdfunding campaign to up production values and provide extra goodies.

Very exciting times.

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