Sunday, 10 February 2013

Little Tangents, Random Thoughts

Sometimes I have ideas that I want to share that are too small for a blog post. So I will throw a bunch together to make a random scattering of thoughts that might give you some insight into the chaos inside my head. This stuff is way off base, and in no way related to anything else I talk about. So, yeah.

Agent Coulson Lives

If you saw the Avengers, you remember that Coulson died, or did he? News is that they are bringing him back for the TV series. I just re-watched the Avengers, and I can buy his surviving. He was breathing and moving when Nick Fury found him, so that spear missed his heart. That means it hit his lungs. Big trouble, but he was only passed out for a few seconds when the paramedics arrived to work on him. Fury says they called it immediately, but that guy is a lying bastard who would totally fake Coulson's death if gave the other characters the push they needed to come together to fight Loki. I figure Coulson went into emergency surgery, spent months in recovery, and will be back to his old self in time for the TV series.

Firefly is Still Awesome

Hmm. Two Joss Whedon vehicles in a row... gotta keep these more random. Anyways, I just re-watched all of Firefly and Serenity, and it still holds up. Everything about that show is pitch perfect and I pick up new little details and turns of phrase every time that makes the show better and better. It died too soon.

More Star Wars

I gotta say, taking Star Wars away from George Lucas is probably the best thing happen to the franchise since Empire. Now I have heard rumours of all sorts of spin-offs, sequels, and TV series, but I  will withhold judgment until new stuff actually shows up on screen. Besides the new J. J. Abrams sequel they are talking about spinoffs for Boba Fett (talk about pandering to the fan base) and a young Han Solo (we'll see how that goes once they cast some one). In other news, the new Star Wars RPG is getting mixed to positive reviews. As a rule, I don't trust games with proprietary dice (except FATE, they're cool), but once again, I withhold judgment until I see how they deal with Jedi and the Force. My heart is still with the old WEG Star Wars, but I was never happy with their Force stuff, so we'll see how it goes.


The best place to write in Cornwall (Where I live. It's a small town in Canada) is not in Cornwall at all, but 15 minutes up the highway at the Denny's Restaurant in Lancaster (A very small town). It is open 24 hours, has free Wi fi, and lots of plugs for laptops. They also don't mind if you just order a sampler and drink and sit there for hours. The music they play is pretty awful, but it's nothing that can't be fixed with some earbuds.

Neil Degrasse Tyson

You really should watch some of his talks. The man is able to talk about science in a way that is both interesting and relatable. His most important contribution to society, though, is his insistence that investing in science, and science education now will pay off in improvements in our society decades from now. People really do need to learn how to take the long view on stuff.

Age and Experience

Up until recently, I loved getting into debates about religion, and I was a total bastard about it. I would do it just to stir shit up and piss people off. I was contrary just to be contrary. In the last six months, though (coinciding with the birth of my daughter), I have been loath to have religious discussions, and I have to be dragged into them, at which time I try to crawl out. The problem is that while I am not a fan of organized religion, I longer get kicks over having arguments about it. It stresses me out to think about what faith my daughter will choose (if any) and activates my instincts to protect her from any religious influence. It is her choice as to what to believe, and I don't want it made for her before she is mature enough to figure things out for herself.

To make matters worse with the whole religious debate thing, I find that most religious debates are built around irreconcilable premises. There is rarely any middle ground or compromises to be had. And debating the subject tends to cause people to become more entrenched in their beliefs than doing anything to convince them you might be right. Science backs me up on that one.

Mini Cinnamon Buns

They come in $5.00 buckets and are so delicious. They shall be my downfall.

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