Saturday, 17 August 2013

Gencon Adventures Day 2

Fridays are always slow for sales at the con. But while sales are slow, lots of other stuff happened today. Let's review:

-Visa! That's right, we got Visa working for the first time ever. Hooray! This has made sales way easier. Thanks random customer who suggested!

-Fantasy Flight games: seriously guys, I want to buy your stuff. Stop with the half hour+ lineups so you can shut up and take my money!

-We talked to our artist cousin Chris, who wrote Achtung Cthulhu. He has some brilliant ideas and nothing beats WWII Mythos. Our Warbirds artist, Dimitris, works for Chris as well.

-We chatted with Kevin of 2gms1mic. He ran a Remnants game for 5 months for the podcasting team. He rocks, and they rock.

-Monte Cooke. We met him. he promised to sign my copy of Numenera. That is all.

We watched the Ennies for a bit, and then took a trip to Steak n' Shake. We ended the evening at the annual party hosted by our friends over at Gamer Concepts.

There is a little photo evidence on the day:
Even though sales are slow, I ran a lot of demos on the day.

Pilots Derek and Duffy looking sharp.

I wandered a bit and found this dangerous alien. He talked, moved, and threatened the local con goers with extermination.

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